About Me

This is what I do.

It all started with a harmless photographing flowers and bugs in the old bar of soap, taken secretly with her sister. Then, it all went so far that night were spent not in bed, and for the Soviet books on photography. Cease to frighten buzzwords such as ISO, and any way out of the house without a camera became sad and painful (bored / sad / gray / wrong).

Many times I have tried to restore the moment decided to take a mirror device, and where I am in my first year found that much money, but he could only remember how happily I go up the steps to the red-and-white box home.

With each subsequent photograph taken by me, the question arises, what's the meaning of it? The answer was not long in coming. Listening to the stories of his grandfather about his childhood, I was so inspired that it seemed as if I am the protagonist of his story ...

After that, I always tried to pass on the photo that it is impossible to explain in words the emotions of people during that time I listened to their stories, dreams, dreams, tragedies, nightmares and memories of childhood. In the projects I will try to show you a small part of what I had heard.